Private Parties at High Scores: Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for your interest in booking a private party! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that can help as you consider your special event with High Scores!

 What kinds of parties do you host?

Everything! We host birthdays for kids and adults, corporate team builders, camp outings and more!

Can I book a party during your posted business hours?

Simply, no.  Our primary business is as a public arcade, and we know how frustrating it is to drive to a destination only to find that they don’t honor their business hours.  We never close during posted hours for private parties.  Private parties are only booked outside of these hours as denoted on our private party page.

I see your party minimum is 15 people.  Can I book even if I anticipate less?

Yes! You can still book your party, however our minimum means that we will still charge you for our minimum party of $300.

Can I bring food and drink?

Yes! The space is yours and only yours during your event.  A 6-foot table is set up to accommodate light food and drink; we only ask (and enforce!) that food and drink be kept away from the games in reverence to their age and condition.

Who counts as a guest?

Anyone within the space during your party.  We are set apart in that we have a collection that most ages appreciate, and therefore we find that most guests (even parents who just came to “watch”!) end up playing, so we charge for all guests within the space.  We do make exceptions for grandparents!

Can I bring my own music?

Sorry! We take our immersive environment very seriously, so we play 1980's music 100% of the time!

What is your max capacity?

We find events work the best for up to 50 people.  If you are anticipating a larger group, give us a ring and let’s talk about it!

Do I need a headcount prior to the party?

No! We conduct a headcount 20 mins into the party and 20 minutes before the end – the average of those two numbers will be your total!

Why don’t you book parties for kids under 8?

While we routinely and happily welcome younger kids during our open business hours, our experience is that large groups of little ones can be tough to control in our space.  Given the antique nature of our collection, we must find a balance between business and preservation.  That said, if you have younger siblings as part of your larger group, don’t worry, they can absolutely join!

What is the process for securing a date?

Send us along an email and we’ll tell you if the date is available.  If you’d like to move forward, please send us an email confirming that you’ve reviewed and agree to the pricing and cancellation policies on our site.  From there, give us a call at 609-468-3083 to place your $50 deposit to hold the date.  Your deposit will come off the top of your total at the end of your party.


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