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We're Open for Business!

High Scores is our family business that we've worked on growing since we bought our first Donkey Kong machine nearly two decades ago.  We are so proud to have become an affordable, beloved spot in the East Bay to spend time with family and friends while marveling at the art, creativity, and FUN of the foundational video games in history. 

After being closed by the state for 15 months through 2020 and 2021 - and as a result permanently closing our Hayward location - we have triumphantly reopened our Park Street, Alameda location and we are BOLDLY committed to continuing our mission of saving and sharing the best of the classic arcade gaming history.   

We have over 160 classic games in our collection - one of the largest personal collections in California.  Many of these have been saved from the curb, saved from basements where for decades they sat idle. We want to keep them from that fate, make them shiny again, and put them back at your fingertips to relive your youth! Or, explore these classics for the first time and see what all the old farts love about them so much :) 

These are games we've shoved into our small cars next to kids car seats to get home, games that often shared the living room of our small apartment, games we've crushed ourselves under rescuing them from basements - these games are beloved for many, and they're a big part of our personal history.  But they aren't cheap to store anywhere, much less here in California, and the cost of parts be they original or reproduction continues to rise along with every other expense for small businesses.  Closing our location in Hayward meant more square footage in storage with less revenue to pay for it.  While our game floor has never looked better, our foot traffic continues to be slower than usual as people inch back to being comfortable in indoor spaces.  

We are fiercely proud of our history of building 5 star experiences for our customers centered around the love and preservation of kick ass games, and If you'd like to help to support our mission in rescuing and reviving these foundational video games, we appreciate your support to keep them stored and safe!

What if we don't just survive?  What if we come back stronger?

Ideally, that means all 150+ games together on one massive arcade floor.  It could also mean dedicated private party rooms, regularly scheduled tournaments, rotating local artwork, and meet and greets with the original game designers.  Whatever it becomes, we're ready for it - but we need your help! 

Donations of any amount go towards the housing of our collection and towards our ongoing post-pandemic recovery. 

Please note we are not a 501(c)3, but rather a small husband-and-wife sole proprietorship. Your donation, while immensely appreciated, will not be tax deductible.

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Updated October 2021