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UPDATE May 2021

We want to build a bigger, bolder arcade.

We KNOW gamers don't want to lose one of the last true classic arcades around. We have the games, imagination, and experience to build High Scores back even stronger. Arcades in California still have a long wait ahead for permission to open, yet we know the people are going to need High Scores! We aren't budging, unless it's forward. 

Losing a location has meant shuffling games around and coming to terms with the breadth of our 150+ game collection.  There are so many special and rare titles you all deserve to play (Omega Race! I, Robot! Phoenix! Tempest! SO.MANY.MORE) and we would love for you to play our full collection under one roof.  With our Hayward location permanently closed, its a great time to re-envision the future of our massive collection and how to build on our prior successes.  The plan:

1) Wait for our chance to reopen

2) Excite and delight at our Park Street location 


We CANNOT UNDERSTATE the devastation of losing our staff, more than a year's revenue, an entire location, our retirement goals...that's very raw and real.  Many of the things lost are nuanced: a well-oiled staff who understands our culture and who all know how to fix common game problems; older leases established before Bay Area retail space became nearly unattainable; the ability to live close to our businesses.  We are NOT making a political statement, and we aren't refuting necessary actions driven by science to keep our communities healthy.  We DO think that more local, state, and federal support for small businesses to carry this burden would have saved a lot of lives in a lot of ways.  

As a niche business in the entertainment space, it is hard not to feel that your life's work has been proverbially left out to pasture.  We hope to be able to reopen our doors following the state's lifting of restrictions set for June 15, 2021.

This year brought us many changes, but our dedication to saving classic video games wasn't one of them.

We are fiercely proud of our history of building 5 star experiences for our customers centered around the love and preservation of kick ass games, and we know a combo of hard work and your support can have us poised to do it again.

What if we don't just survive?  What if we come back stronger?

Ideally, that means all 150+ games together on one massive arcade floor.  It could also mean dedicated private party rooms, regularly scheduled tournaments, rotating local artwork, and meet and greets with the original game designers.  Whatever it becomes, we're ready for it - but we need your help! 

We would love for you to join us in this vision for our game collection by choosing to donate via our webpage or our GoFundMe, the goal on which has recently increased to mirror these plans and account for the ongoing closure.

Donations of any amount go towards the housing of our collection during this closure and for our reopening effort. 

Please note we are not a 501(c)3, but rather a small husband-and-wife sole proprietorship. Your donation, while immensely appreciated, will not be tax deductible.

Help Us to Come Back Strong!

Updated March 2021

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