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UPDATE MARCH 15, 2020:

We are currently closed in an effort to keep our communities well in light of the national health crisis.  This is HARD for a small business; we don't have unemployment, we don't have an employer behind us sending us paychecks - we DO have rent in four places and a host of ongoing bills that won't stop just because the revenue did.  We plan to use this downtime to give the arcade the cleaning of a lifetime and some other repairs, etc., so we can come back stronger than ever.

But to come back, we're going to need your support!! Please consider a one-time or ongoing donation.

‚ÄčHigh Scores Interactive Arcade Museum is powered by a husband and wife team Shawn and Meg Livernoche, who together have curated one of the largest private arcade collections in Northern California.  Our collection features most of the popular games from the 1980's and early 1990s, and represents our life's passion; we are committed to bring these classic games into the future through preservation.  

The most pressing question is if we'll continue our passion here in the Bay Area.  We thought so, but over the last several years big rent hikes and rising operational costs - especially for storing our collection - have us second guessing. 

If you'd like to help us stay here in the Bay, the best way to support us is to come in and play!  Introduce our spot to your friends, pay at the top of the sliding scale, share our content online. 

YOU CAN STILL HELP even if you can't carve out the time you wish to come and set some scores.  Choose to donate here monthly, or even just once if you're inspired

We don't have the space to show you our whole collection at once, but your donation goes towards having a huge range of titles in pristine, restored and working order to rotate in and out of our arcade doors to give people the chance to explore the corners of video game history that may slip away otherwise. We keep our daily admission prices low and family friendly, but rising costs in operating expenses leaves less for our preservation efforts.

Please note we are not a 501(c)3, but rather a small husband-and-wife sole proprietorship. Your donation, while immensely appreciated, will not be tax deductible.

Help High Scores to Stay! 

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